MTV killed the music video star

Posted: February 14, 2010 in Music
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MTV has finally come to the realization that for the past 10 years, they aren’t music television, they’re trashy, drunk, whoreality television.  Que fist pump

Is it a coincidence that when MTV launched in 1981 the first music video played was “Video Killed the Radio Star”? The company did the same thing to the music video star.

See below for the beginning of the demise of music videos:

In MTV’s infant years, the station brought light to generation icons such as Michael Jackson (RIP) and Madonna (you can stop making music now).  The station has evolved into shows glamorizing teen pregnancy.  I much rather watch Maury “My teen is out of control” I WANNA SEE DWAYNE WEST.

I digress.

Fact of the matter is that should have happened a long time ago, at least when TRL went off the air. The only show that stood true from the beginning, minus them playing 30 sec clips of the video if playing the video at all.

As long at FUSEtv continues to do what they’re doing I’ll be happy. For now I’ll just sit and wait until the premiere of Jersey Shore 2. That’s the only thing MTV is good for now anyways, Right?


“Begging for Beggars”

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Music

This CD Review was written for on August 9, 2009.

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Begging for Beggars
By Maddie Brady

“Something’s gone terribly wrong with everyone; all the world is mad.” I don’t think anyone could have said it better. Nowadays, many artists are the promotional item for the newest fashion or fad. For Thrice, they’ve never changed their look, sound, or stance on what they believe in. If a band should be looked up to as a role model, they should be looked up to for that reason. Writing an album for yourself and your band mates is a hard thing to do in recent times. Beggars is one of the most earnest and truthful albums written in recent year (or at least since The Alchemy Index was released). Their 6th studio album is filled with tracks with such imaginative and descriptive language the listener can’t help but feel the pain and passion resonating in front-man Dustin Kensrue’s voice.
I will be honest: at first listen only a few tracks caught my attention. The title-track “Beggars” is catchy and could be classified with their old hit track “Artist in the Ambulance”. “Circles” and “Wood and Wire” weren’t the songs to catch my ears at first. These were mellower than “All the World is Mad” and “At the Last”; they, however, do not lack the intensity needed to fit the tone of the album.
Despite the early leak, Thrice fans will not be disappointed in their new album. It is completely recommendable if you’ve liked their previous albums, and recommended if you’ve never listened to even a taste of their alternative-power. If you’ve streamed it, make sure you buy it when it’s released digitally on August 11th and packaged on September 15th, 2009.

I came across an article via Alternative Press today.  Apparently, a couple of All Time Low’s  fan girls decided to find Alex Gaskarth’s address and wait for him until he came home.

A post from said fan girls: “OMG we could tell the cops he raped u[s] and then we could ride in the same police car as him! FUCK I AM GENIOUS.”

How is this OK!? “We can tell the cops he raped us” I am absolutely speechless. Aren’t parents teaching their children that rape is not something you want to wish on another person, specially yourself. (This isn’t meant to be a “Where are the parents, What are they doing, Do you know where your child is post)  She’s will ruin a very talented musicians reputation just for her enjoyment of meeting her hero. And all that hard work they’ve been putting in for their next project will be ruined because of your selfishness.

Yes, Alex Gaskarth is an amazingly beautiful creature, Rawr.

See beautiful creature here

Put yourself in his shoes little girls. Would you want this is happen to you?  Don’t you dare say “Yes”. Imagine spending weeks to months on tour away from family and friends. Chances are when you come home, you want to relax, hang out in your underwear and watch TV.

So- I then decided to go searching the interwebs for more information regarding this…incident.

I found a Facebook group “Dont you hate it when youre Alex Gaskarth and someone stalks your address” So I clicked on it, and scanned it. I saw girls bragging “I went too!”  The Tumblr page was posted of the entire escapade.

If you want to meet your hero, instead of being super creepy and stalkerish, try these ideas:

1) Go to a show- Arrive early, Stay late, and check the merch booth between sets

2) Warped Tour, Bamboozle, Virgin Mobile– Chances are you’ll meet bands that aren’t even on the tour too.

3) Street Teams- Check their record label, management team, or local venue in your town. Volunteer your time, most street teams offer incentives for help.

4) Write- CD reviews, Concert Reviews, for a local website, magazine, newspaper. Guest list possibilities?

What ever you do, don’t invade their personal space without permission.

Ask before pictures, autographs, so on and so forth. You should have learned manners during the ages of 1-8. Use them.

Who knew their video for “Weightless”  would speak the truth?

I came across this article on CNN .

The article pretty much says, everyone is lazy and uses the “O Fortuna” as their music behind any action movie trailer. Which is true. It’s used during explosion scenes, action trailers, and when Dick Cheney would appear on The Conan O’Brien show. Take a look for your self. I guess now-a-days people are using what’s easy rather than being original. Que Flo Rida “Right Round”.

It’s Caught on Like a Drug.

Social media is over taking the internet by storm. Everyone has either a Facebook or MySpace. Now, Twitter has jumped into the Social Media mix, and now is the most used word of 2009. Social Media sites were first used as a way to connect people with similar interests. Now, universities are grabbing some of the pie and launching themselves in a different way.

Who’s Using?

Universities are using these sites as a way to start a conversation with their students and provide them with information. Boston University has done an excellent job at utilizing their Facebook. On their graduate of communications Facebook, they incorporate videos, events, and relevant information on topics on interest.

Boston University

Colorado State

Syracuse University

Twitter is a way to creatively disseminate messages in 140 characters.  School’s can use this service as a way to create two-way communication with followers, announce deadlines and dates, as well as post articles of interest.

Boston University School of Communications Graduate Program

These schools have taken free services and spring boarded their ways of connecting with students, alumni, and faculty.

You Can Do It!

My suggestions to use these sites effectively:


Turn your school’s page into a “Fan Page” on Facebook. This will allow your “fans” to become advertising tools themselves. A badge is placed at the bottom of their page, in their fan section. They will become viral advertising for anyone looking at their Facebook page.

Don’t be afraid to respond to your fans! It brings a personal connection to them.

Tweet it!

Post, RT, and respond.

Post articles of interest

“Re-Tweet” articles of your followers

Respond to posts of your followers.

The most important thing to do is, start a conversation. The more personal of a connection students have with their school, the more they are going to support and enjoy their experience.

It’s Only In It’s Infancy

Social Media is only in it’s infancy. In about 5 years, there will be a new site, and Facebook may become obsolete. Always look around at what’s new and see how you can incorporate it into your life, job, or school. The more you play with it, the more you know!