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These “Teaser” videos  made me laugh and made me yell “WHAT THE F***” really loudly. Not only did I have all the doors open to my apartment but my elderly neighbor was outside. The loudness of my voice made  my cat run away…and I mean RUN. Straight up bolted out of the house. Now that I’ve recovered and he has re-positioned himself on my lap, I will continue.

Let me summarize what just happened above. (If you didn’t feel like sitting through 4 minutes of nonsense.) We just watched an old homeless man run through downtown LA (shocking…) and a pre-teen girl go all Exorcism of Emily Rose on us. I just don’t get it. Are they trying to give their fans nightmares or are they trying to show off their bad- assery that we HAVE to buy their music? Whatever it is, I’m not sold on it yet. I’m not convinced that I’m going to enjoy their music by watching these 2 “teaser” videos. I’ve heard their first single “If You Think This Song Is About You..blah blah” it’s not THAT bad. Click here to listen to it. I need to hear more before I:

1) buy tickets to see them live

2) buy their album

3) actually refer them to my friends..just saying.

So Craig Owens, Aaron Stern, Nick Martin and Matt Good I’m expecting more from you in the next song release. I had/ still have high hopes for this project post Chiodos, gimme something to make my head spin. (If only you knew what was written here pre-editing.)


Wonderland… also known as the mystical world of Los Angeles. I recently applied for the chance of being Van’s Warped Tour 2011 Pit Reporter, which got me thinking…I haven’t updated my blog since I (my mom)  moved my butt across country. The Pit Reporter snippet has nothing to do with this post. Actually, it may I don’t know I haven’t finished writing this yet. Who’s to say where I will end up taking you in this short (hopefully) but sweet update.  As you know (for my whole 5 readers) I moved to the magical city of Los Angeles to start an internship at Machine Shop Marketing. Since then, I have been hired (meaning I’m actually making some sort of tangible income) on as an extension of my internship. It’s been an amazing experience. I’ve attended events I never ever dreamed of attending, such as Linkin Park’s VMA performance.

This was my view on top of the Griffith Observatory. Anyways, I’m not sure where Linkin Park's VMA Perfomance

I’m trying to go with this. I’ve done a lot of soul searching and discovering (Yeah, that’s right.. I’m going there). I revisited a lot of music that got me interested in a career in the music industry.

During college, I became very disconnected with music. In high school, I was always the person who was discovering new bands, going to shows, talking to people about music. Then, college comes and everything shifts. All I can think about is test this, homework that, no parental supervision there, BEER. I digress.

The point is, is that I’ve had a lot of time by myself. No, you can’t say aw :0( It’s been very therapeutic. I’ve regained my appreciation for the artists that I loved and still love. I had forgotten how music can pull out all your emotions and make you feel vulnerable. I’ve discovered new artists. I’ve observed interactions via Twitter, between users that would never cross paths but are now supporting each other BECAUSE of music. (Isn’t that right @IndieBeanie?)

Music brings people together. Whether you like it or not. I know I’ve been critical of certain music festivals (including one that I recently applied to for a position) in the past. It doesn’t erase the fact that these festivals and tours have 1 thing in common. They bring the music community together. A lot of these festivals/tours people wait all year for. The day they attend said festival, the following day they are excited and awaiting for the next years. I mean geez, the day after SXSW ended there was talk about 2011. It’s not a secret that it takes a lot of planning, man power, sweat, tears, beer, smiles, high fives, and ass slaps to put these festivals/tours together. It’s all for us…for our enjoyment. They want US (the music community, the consumers, the tastemakers, the non get it right?) to have 1 day or 4 days of pure enjoyment. Screw that proposal you have going out Monday morning, Eff that massive summer school test (it’s called summer school for a reason, it’s easy)that you haven’t studied for, take 1 day (or 4) to immerse yourself in the music of your favorite artists. Discover new artists, meet new people, learn something new… Probs never thought a music festival could do so much huh? Anyways- don’t forget the artists and bands that got you into the type of music you like now.

Don’t forget the Green Day’s or the Good Charlotte’s (DON’T YOU LIE TO ME OR YOURSELF, YOU KNOW DAMN WELL YOU LISTENED AND LIKED THEIR SELF-TITLED ALBUM, EVEN IF YOU WON”T ADMIT IT.) They introduced you to the “scene” in which you are now a master of or not…(if you are a hipster you liked them before they were popular, or the band is too obscure I wouldn’t even know who they are) I couldn’t help myself :0)

This post wasn’t planned out (CLEARLY). However, I leave you with this…

ThiiiiiiiiIIIIIIiiiiings....I know, you know...

As the spring and summer season are upon us, that means one thing… MUSIC FESTIVALS! Warped Tour, Bonnaroo, Bamboozle, etc.

Van’s Warped Tour, we all know about it, we all love it, it’s a staple in society now. Started in 1995 by Kevin Lyman, Van’s Warped Tour was a showcase of Punk Rock music. As I’ve grown up it has always been a tour I’ve anxiously waited for. Peeing my 14 year old pants anxious, well not really but it gives you a good idea right?

Bands such a Pennywise, NOFX, The Ataris, Less Than Jake, Blink- 182, and Thrice were tour regulars. While my step-dad was cooking in the hot sun (it’s OK he lived in Australia), I was off frolicking in the atmosphere, meeting my favorite bands, getting free stuff, and acquiring layers upon layers of dust in places I thought were completely covered. Those days will always stay with me.

When Bamboozle formed, I was a steadfast Van’s girl. I was NOT going to be cheating on them with a crazy named festival in New Jersey. (I did, however,  map out how I was going to stay with my grandparents, they were going to drive me there, and then I’d drive back to VA.)

As  Bamboozle has aged, they have secured some of the better acts. (Jeffree Star…Really Warped?) Maybe by “better” I am referring to as “more popular”.

On any hand, Warped still keeps the platform rockers such as The Bouncing Souls, Dillinger Escape, Big D, and Rancid. Always making sure to mix in the pop-punk genre bands, Paramore, Every Avenue, Just Surrender, and Motion City.

Take a look at The Bamboozle, Bamboozle Roadshow, Hookwink line-up. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Side Note: What is with all the names of this festival? It should be referred to as Oozle, I decided. It’s a pretty sweet name. See sentence usage below:

Boy: You going to Oozle this year?

Way cooler girl: OH YEAH! I love Oozle!


One thing about Warped Tour; it has ONE name. Check out their line-up. Though, this year Andrew W.K , Dropkick Murphys, and Reel Big Fish would be the ONLY reason I attend this year, if at all.

I’ve decided Warped has an affinity for auto-tuning. (See Jeffree Star) I don’t get it. I’m not bashing him in any way. I just don’t understand the appeal. The music is auto-tuned and configured to make it sound good on MySpace. The live performance.. AHEM, well see for yourself. I completely respect the “I don’t give a F***” attitude, but when it comes to talent there is a lack of it. See talent. For a tour to be based on a showcase of Punk Rock, this doesn’t make sense to me.

I think as the years come, Bamboozle will come out on top and Warped will be looked at as the festival that once was. If it already hasn’t happened.

A New Found Valentines Day

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Needless to say I’ve been looking forward to New Found Glory, Saves the Day, HelloGoodbye, and Fireworks show that took place on Feb. 14th at The National for months. If you follow me on Twitter, you know this. I tried to tweet the show, but because Verizon’s failed attempt at an iPhone (Voyager) isn’t capable of that much it died at about 830pm. Thanks Verizon. You owe me.

Moving on…

I went into this show expecting great things. It had been about 6 years since the last time I saw Saves the Day and I have never seen New Found Glory or HelloGoodbye. (I’ve never seen or heard of Fireworks until recently.) SO, I was basing my expectations on the previous show and from what I’ve read/heard about NFG.

Disclaimer: In no way do I consider myself a professional concert reviewer. I am just a chick that likes music and has legit opinions :o)

My first bone to pick is with the venue. What was going on with the sound system?! First off the acoustics are pretty bad anyways, so it all sounded like they were all singing with marbles in their mouths.

Fireworks had a pretty decent set all equipped with jumps and spit. The crowd was not into the set at all. There weren’t many people there (I know it’s what happens with the openers) and the ones that were there, stared blank-faced at the lead singer. One of the guitarists tried to talk to the crowd about it being Valentine’s Day but no one seemed to be giving any type of feedback.

The nerdy cute guys of HelloGoodbye followed.

The set started off with the LONGEST sound check I’ve ever sat through, and in the midst of this drawn out sound check, my extremely drunk friend kept yelling how cute the drummer was. I’m sure he enjoyed the compliment. Anyways, the 1st song starts, Forrest’s mic doesn’t work. Some dude behind me yells “This sucks,” Forrest hears and apologizes because he is sick. Let me tell you something rude boy that was standing behind me. They are up there performing for YOU. YOU are down in the crowd, have some respect. (R-E-S-P-E-C-T). They had commented on a tweet I sent them and they further explain their terrible visit to Richmond.  It follows:

Whats going on with the sound? can barely hear them! @itshellogoodbye /via @Maddie_Brady yeah! Unfortunate 😦

PART ONE: Got sick, had terrible sound at the national theater, lost my laptop, iPod, external HD, wallet, bathroom kit etc…

PART TWO: Arun from STD found my laptop bag with everything sitting on the sidewalk!!! Time for me to fulfill his every sexual fantasy…

I always get a tinge of jealousy when a band or artist is asked the question, “What’s your favorite place to play” and it’s never where I’m located. This probably won’t be the case in HelloGoodbye’s answers either. I do wish them the best of luck with the rest of the tour. I hope Towson, Maryland treats you better than Richmond did.

Saves the Day picked up the next set.

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen them as I stated above. The last time I saw them was right after the release of In Reverie. The show consisted of red, yellow, and orange lights. Chris also was situated at the far left of the stage. A different place to put the lead singer, hey I was into it. This time, the show didn’t have any lights and Chris was back in front and center. The rest of the band didn’t smile once during the set. Chris kept a pretty constant smile on his face. (Was it forced?) The rest of the band, not so much. They didn’t seem into it and they looked pretty bored. In all honesty, I haven’t listened too much past In Reverie. I was banking on hearing “Cars and Calories” at least. Unfortunately that was a no go. I was disappointed with their set selection. However,they ended with the crowd pleaser “At Your Funeral”. I have yet to hear Rocks Tonic Juice Magic live.

**My Phone Died Mid- Saves the Day**

So, besides the fact that I was up front and could’ve gotten some awesome pictures, before New Found Glory went on, I was bummed.

I was disappointed with the previous acts and hoped the headliners pulled through. After about, less then 10 minutes of feeling bummed and another beer, they took the stage. I was more than blown away. The energy, set list, and actual stage set were perfect. The fact that they played one of my favorite albums from start to finish didn’t hurt either. They played their self- titled as well as some crowd favorites and ended with “My Friends Over You”. Call me selfish, but I wanted an encore. I know they played for about 2 1/2 hours, but I wanted more! The amount of energy the crowd had, matched with the energy of the guys and included  the more than occasional belly fat of Ian Grushka. It was awesome I was throughly pleased.

I left the show with a new tee shirt and ringing ears. I played New Found Glory on the way home and couldn’t calm down; barely getting any sleep before my shift at 6:30am. It’s alright though, because my Valentine’s Day was probably better than most couples. So there.

MTV killed the music video star

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MTV has finally come to the realization that for the past 10 years, they aren’t music television, they’re trashy, drunk, whoreality television.  Que fist pump

Is it a coincidence that when MTV launched in 1981 the first music video played was “Video Killed the Radio Star”? The company did the same thing to the music video star.

See below for the beginning of the demise of music videos:

In MTV’s infant years, the station brought light to generation icons such as Michael Jackson (RIP) and Madonna (you can stop making music now).  The station has evolved into shows glamorizing teen pregnancy.  I much rather watch Maury “My teen is out of control” I WANNA SEE DWAYNE WEST.

I digress.

Fact of the matter is that should have happened a long time ago, at least when TRL went off the air. The only show that stood true from the beginning, minus them playing 30 sec clips of the video if playing the video at all.

As long at FUSEtv continues to do what they’re doing I’ll be happy. For now I’ll just sit and wait until the premiere of Jersey Shore 2. That’s the only thing MTV is good for now anyways, Right?

“Begging for Beggars”

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This CD Review was written for on August 9, 2009.

To view the published article please go to

Begging for Beggars
By Maddie Brady

“Something’s gone terribly wrong with everyone; all the world is mad.” I don’t think anyone could have said it better. Nowadays, many artists are the promotional item for the newest fashion or fad. For Thrice, they’ve never changed their look, sound, or stance on what they believe in. If a band should be looked up to as a role model, they should be looked up to for that reason. Writing an album for yourself and your band mates is a hard thing to do in recent times. Beggars is one of the most earnest and truthful albums written in recent year (or at least since The Alchemy Index was released). Their 6th studio album is filled with tracks with such imaginative and descriptive language the listener can’t help but feel the pain and passion resonating in front-man Dustin Kensrue’s voice.
I will be honest: at first listen only a few tracks caught my attention. The title-track “Beggars” is catchy and could be classified with their old hit track “Artist in the Ambulance”. “Circles” and “Wood and Wire” weren’t the songs to catch my ears at first. These were mellower than “All the World is Mad” and “At the Last”; they, however, do not lack the intensity needed to fit the tone of the album.
Despite the early leak, Thrice fans will not be disappointed in their new album. It is completely recommendable if you’ve liked their previous albums, and recommended if you’ve never listened to even a taste of their alternative-power. If you’ve streamed it, make sure you buy it when it’s released digitally on August 11th and packaged on September 15th, 2009.

I came across an article via Alternative Press today.  Apparently, a couple of All Time Low’s  fan girls decided to find Alex Gaskarth’s address and wait for him until he came home.

A post from said fan girls: “OMG we could tell the cops he raped u[s] and then we could ride in the same police car as him! FUCK I AM GENIOUS.”

How is this OK!? “We can tell the cops he raped us” I am absolutely speechless. Aren’t parents teaching their children that rape is not something you want to wish on another person, specially yourself. (This isn’t meant to be a “Where are the parents, What are they doing, Do you know where your child is post)  She’s will ruin a very talented musicians reputation just for her enjoyment of meeting her hero. And all that hard work they’ve been putting in for their next project will be ruined because of your selfishness.

Yes, Alex Gaskarth is an amazingly beautiful creature, Rawr.

See beautiful creature here

Put yourself in his shoes little girls. Would you want this is happen to you?  Don’t you dare say “Yes”. Imagine spending weeks to months on tour away from family and friends. Chances are when you come home, you want to relax, hang out in your underwear and watch TV.

So- I then decided to go searching the interwebs for more information regarding this…incident.

I found a Facebook group “Dont you hate it when youre Alex Gaskarth and someone stalks your address” So I clicked on it, and scanned it. I saw girls bragging “I went too!”  The Tumblr page was posted of the entire escapade.

If you want to meet your hero, instead of being super creepy and stalkerish, try these ideas:

1) Go to a show- Arrive early, Stay late, and check the merch booth between sets

2) Warped Tour, Bamboozle, Virgin Mobile– Chances are you’ll meet bands that aren’t even on the tour too.

3) Street Teams- Check their record label, management team, or local venue in your town. Volunteer your time, most street teams offer incentives for help.

4) Write- CD reviews, Concert Reviews, for a local website, magazine, newspaper. Guest list possibilities?

What ever you do, don’t invade their personal space without permission.

Ask before pictures, autographs, so on and so forth. You should have learned manners during the ages of 1-8. Use them.

Who knew their video for “Weightless”  would speak the truth?