A New Found Valentines Day

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Music, Uncategorized

Needless to say I’ve been looking forward to New Found Glory, Saves the Day, HelloGoodbye, and Fireworks show that took place on Feb. 14th at The National for months. If you follow me on Twitter, you know this. I tried to tweet the show, but because Verizon’s failed attempt at an iPhone (Voyager) isn’t capable of that much it died at about 830pm. Thanks Verizon. You owe me.

Moving on…

I went into this show expecting great things. It had been about 6 years since the last time I saw Saves the Day and I have never seen New Found Glory or HelloGoodbye. (I’ve never seen or heard of Fireworks until recently.) SO, I was basing my expectations on the previous show and from what I’ve read/heard about NFG.

Disclaimer: In no way do I consider myself a professional concert reviewer. I am just a chick that likes music and has legit opinions :o)

My first bone to pick is with the venue. What was going on with the sound system?! First off the acoustics are pretty bad anyways, so it all sounded like they were all singing with marbles in their mouths.

Fireworks had a pretty decent set all equipped with jumps and spit. The crowd was not into the set at all. There weren’t many people there (I know it’s what happens with the openers) and the ones that were there, stared blank-faced at the lead singer. One of the guitarists tried to talk to the crowd about it being Valentine’s Day but no one seemed to be giving any type of feedback.

The nerdy cute guys of HelloGoodbye followed.

The set started off with the LONGEST sound check I’ve ever sat through, and in the midst of this drawn out sound check, my extremely drunk friend kept yelling how cute the drummer was. I’m sure he enjoyed the compliment. Anyways, the 1st song starts, Forrest’s mic doesn’t work. Some dude behind me yells “This sucks,” Forrest hears and apologizes because he is sick. Let me tell you something rude boy that was standing behind me. They are up there performing for YOU. YOU are down in the crowd, have some respect. (R-E-S-P-E-C-T). They had commented on a tweet I sent them and they further explain their terrible visit to Richmond.  It follows:

Whats going on with the sound? can barely hear them! @itshellogoodbye /via @Maddie_Brady yeah! Unfortunate 😦

PART ONE: Got sick, had terrible sound at the national theater, lost my laptop, iPod, external HD, wallet, bathroom kit etc…

PART TWO: Arun from STD found my laptop bag with everything sitting on the sidewalk!!! Time for me to fulfill his every sexual fantasy…

I always get a tinge of jealousy when a band or artist is asked the question, “What’s your favorite place to play” and it’s never where I’m located. This probably won’t be the case in HelloGoodbye’s answers either. I do wish them the best of luck with the rest of the tour. I hope Towson, Maryland treats you better than Richmond did.

Saves the Day picked up the next set.

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen them as I stated above. The last time I saw them was right after the release of In Reverie. The show consisted of red, yellow, and orange lights. Chris also was situated at the far left of the stage. A different place to put the lead singer, hey I was into it. This time, the show didn’t have any lights and Chris was back in front and center. The rest of the band didn’t smile once during the set. Chris kept a pretty constant smile on his face. (Was it forced?) The rest of the band, not so much. They didn’t seem into it and they looked pretty bored. In all honesty, I haven’t listened too much past In Reverie. I was banking on hearing “Cars and Calories” at least. Unfortunately that was a no go. I was disappointed with their set selection. However,they ended with the crowd pleaser “At Your Funeral”. I have yet to hear Rocks Tonic Juice Magic live.

**My Phone Died Mid- Saves the Day**

So, besides the fact that I was up front and could’ve gotten some awesome pictures, before New Found Glory went on, I was bummed.

I was disappointed with the previous acts and hoped the headliners pulled through. After about, less then 10 minutes of feeling bummed and another beer, they took the stage. I was more than blown away. The energy, set list, and actual stage set were perfect. The fact that they played one of my favorite albums from start to finish didn’t hurt either. They played their self- titled as well as some crowd favorites and ended with “My Friends Over You”. Call me selfish, but I wanted an encore. I know they played for about 2 1/2 hours, but I wanted more! The amount of energy the crowd had, matched with the energy of the guys and included  the more than occasional belly fat of Ian Grushka. It was awesome I was throughly pleased.

I left the show with a new tee shirt and ringing ears. I played New Found Glory on the way home and couldn’t calm down; barely getting any sleep before my shift at 6:30am. It’s alright though, because my Valentine’s Day was probably better than most couples. So there.


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