Fan girls should be kept on leashes until their hormones can be controlled

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Music

I came across an article via Alternative Press today.  Apparently, a couple of All Time Low’s  fan girls decided to find Alex Gaskarth’s address and wait for him until he came home.

A post from said fan girls: “OMG we could tell the cops he raped u[s] and then we could ride in the same police car as him! FUCK I AM GENIOUS.”

How is this OK!? “We can tell the cops he raped us” I am absolutely speechless. Aren’t parents teaching their children that rape is not something you want to wish on another person, specially yourself. (This isn’t meant to be a “Where are the parents, What are they doing, Do you know where your child is post)  She’s will ruin a very talented musicians reputation just for her enjoyment of meeting her hero. And all that hard work they’ve been putting in for their next project will be ruined because of your selfishness.

Yes, Alex Gaskarth is an amazingly beautiful creature, Rawr.

See beautiful creature here

Put yourself in his shoes little girls. Would you want this is happen to you?  Don’t you dare say “Yes”. Imagine spending weeks to months on tour away from family and friends. Chances are when you come home, you want to relax, hang out in your underwear and watch TV.

So- I then decided to go searching the interwebs for more information regarding this…incident.

I found a Facebook group “Dont you hate it when youre Alex Gaskarth and someone stalks your address” So I clicked on it, and scanned it. I saw girls bragging “I went too!”  The Tumblr page was posted of the entire escapade.

If you want to meet your hero, instead of being super creepy and stalkerish, try these ideas:

1) Go to a show- Arrive early, Stay late, and check the merch booth between sets

2) Warped Tour, Bamboozle, Virgin Mobile– Chances are you’ll meet bands that aren’t even on the tour too.

3) Street Teams- Check their record label, management team, or local venue in your town. Volunteer your time, most street teams offer incentives for help.

4) Write- CD reviews, Concert Reviews, for a local website, magazine, newspaper. Guest list possibilities?

What ever you do, don’t invade their personal space without permission.

Ask before pictures, autographs, so on and so forth. You should have learned manners during the ages of 1-8. Use them.

Who knew their video for “Weightless”  would speak the truth?


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